Team member

Arna Van Ravestein
General Manager
Arna is our General Manager and is responsible for the Business and Project Strategy. She has 17 years of experience in regional, national and international projects. Arna’s key focus is bringing a successful project outcome to each client. She spent several years as General Manager overseeing a multi-million dollar global data security company and brings a wealth of project management expertise to RTR Productions. Arna’s directive is to ensure smooth operations from feasibility through to completion. A consistent track record of success managing key projects with clients such as BHP Billiton, Chevron, Reliance Industries, Satterley, TGS Nopec and NASA. Her ability to work cohesively with a project from inception to completion proves her to be a strong leader who inspires confidence and trust in others and motivates staff to perform at high levels to consistently meet expectations. Arna is able to help clients understand complex issues and by combining this with her broad management experience, she is able to bring unique perspectives to difficult problems – ensuring the outcomes and objectives are achieved within budget and timeframe. Arna is cognizant of the true needs of our customers and ensures the customer experience is of the highest standard. Understanding that there are many elements that go into a successful production, Arna ensures that a systematic and trackable approach is applied to all areas. Arna is extremely proud of RTRs zero accident on site record and takes a zero tolerance approach to matters involving the safety of her staff and contractors.