The technical basics: staging, lights & audio

Productions – the technical basics: staging, lights & audio

Organising an impressive and memorable event is not an easy task. The technical basics: staging, lighting and audio can really make an event.

There are a lot of components to keep in mind but, other than the show itself, the stage set up is possibly the most important part of making the show a success.

The stage is where everyone’s eyes are going to be, it is the centrepiece of the show.

Here are few key things you have to keep in mind when choosing your stage set up:


  • Stage size, shape and height
  • Position of entrance and exit steps 
  • Safety for performers. Do you need handrail. Check with your council and your stage supplier, they will know the regulations 
  • Do you need an access ramp? RTR, caters for all accessibility scenarios


  • The right lighting set up will make your stage come alive
  • Background and front lighting, you will need both
  • Make sure you speak to your lighting supplier, ask questions and listen to their suggestions, with years of experience their advice is invaluable 

Audio and Video

  • This is crucial. If your audience can’t hear what is happening on stage your show could be a disaster, regardless of how good the show is
  • Make sure you have enough sound coverage in every part of the room and that your audio system doesn’t obstruct your audience’s view
  • Be prepared with wireless mics and play back equipment.
  • Make sure that your MC’s and performers are at ease with the mic set up
  • Don’t forget the monitors, performers need to be able to hear the music and themselves to perform at their best
  • Do you want to show images on your stage? Ask your supplier for an option on LED screen or projections, the right solution will engage your audience even more


Remember to ask your supplier for suggestions, they are the professionals and have possibly done more events that you can imagine. 

RTR Productions also recommends that you think about your budget and what you want to achieve. Hosting an event can be incredibly rewarding.  To help you get the most out of your event, be clear about your staging, lighting and audio expectations.

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